He was born in a small village called Naughty Barn, resided the Pig Tribe. The tribe was separated into 2 main tribes; the wild boars and pigs, under the authority of the King.
The wild boar tribe stays at the southern region, born as warriors, fighters, have strong bodies and teeth, while the pig tribe looks silly, but they are gentle, smart, naughty, and fun. They are also skilled in craftsmanship, mining and making weapons.
NaNu is the youngest among the siblings. He loves to cook while taking care of the little swines in the tribe. His father is the head chief of the village, his older siblings oversee the important matters in the village. He was also given a red cloak by his father, to protect him from any danger.
Recently, villagers who are working as miners, did not come home from work. As this happened, many went up to the hills to investigate, but to no avail. The villagers who went to investigate never returned too. Villagers became fearful, except NaNu. He was carefree as always, taking the little swines for a walk outside the fields every day.
One day, he noticed a few of his swines went missing. He left the others back at the village and went on a search for the lost ones. He hiked up the rocky hills and found a giant cave. Before entering the cave, he found the bunch of little missing swines. After looking around, he noticed his neighbours and wild boar brothers being held captive. He ran towards them and suddenly, a giant red dragon came out from the cave.
The red dragon was residing in the cave and saw the group of villagers outside. The dragon was going to consume them! Before he could, NaNu felt an overwhelmingly great power surging inside him, and noticed that his superpowers were awakened.
NaNu flew towards the villagers in the speed of light, trying to protect the villagers. The dragon was furious and started breathing fire towards him. Suddenly, the red cloak that was given by his father, glowed brightly, protecting him and the villagers from the flames. After the dragon stopped his flames and Nanu knocked out the dragon with one powerful punch!
They brought the dragon back to their village and had a dragon meat feast, while celebrating their victory. NaNu cooked everything and was complimented for his top cooking.
The next day, news spread around the village and other regions like wildfire. They started calling him “Hero Nanu”.
He decided to become a chef, in hopes to try all the great food and delicacies from all around the world.
He ventured into Kuala Lumpur, where he met his friend Ganggu, his best pug friend, and also fell in love to a beautiful lady from the wild boar tribe – Rebecca.